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With a simple idea in mind, drawn from the rich textile tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we produce high quality textile goods.

SlowFASHIONfast has its headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland and it tends to business development, customer counselling and organisational coordination of the production site, Bella Seta, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Employees of Swiss-Bosnian origin guarantee a permanent flow of information with the production site, quality control and flexible solutions for our clients’ needs.

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We believe in “made by”, not “made in”.

We offer an alternative to the Asian production market and produce fashion under sustainable and competitive conditions in Europe. We believe in "made by" and not "made in".

Throughout the past decades, we have been building the production site “Bella Seta“ in the northern Bosnian town of Banja Luka. We trust that our effort for every single product reflects in high quality and sustainable growth of our venture.

The Bosnian production site Bella Seta collaborates exclusively with SlowFASHIONfast LCC in order to guarantee our ideological, ethical and qualitative ideals and goals are continuously met.

We tend to the needs of our clients through an active cooperation and communication before and during the production process in addition to a rigorous quality control.

Our customers - and everyone interested - are always welcome to visit us at the production site.

Many partners of ours actually do prefer to stay a little while at Bella Seta to draft their newest collections and respective prototypes with our seamstresses, who have been enjoying these collaborations immensely, since these are also opportunities for intercultural exchange and advancement of the craftsmanship.

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