Who are we?

A family company – producing clothes in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a longtime successful collaboration with young and established fashion designers from entire Europe.

We believe!

We believe in transparency, honesty and an open business relationship and communication. We share our experience and knowledge with young and perspective designers, while at the same time collaborating with already established fashion brands and fashion houses.

The ideal combination!

When your creativity and our enthusiasm are combined, you get the perfect combination which results in top-quality products.

We are your support!

Through years of work, we have realized that from the realization of the idea to the final design, there are insurmountable difficulties due to long and expensive production processes. With this in mind, we work to facilitate all processes and offer our consultations, advice and experience in creating each model.

Our team.

Our team is composed of professionals, who present and use their knowledge in realising your idea.  By simply connecting the individual with the idea and our expert service, we enable the sustainable development of each brand. Our goal is to create a quality, original and recognizable product.